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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Importance Of OCR Job Outsourcing

Nowadays Business houses have to make thousands of scanned images for their work. But some of the organizations don’t have the in-house facility to do the Optical Character Recognition. That’s why outsourcing the OCR job becomes so much useful.

If the organizations outsource their OCR jobs, then they won’t have the headache to buy & maintain OCR software, train their employees in OCR. They don’t have to modify their computer hardware to the OCR software.

Format of scanned images are completely different from other doc formats. Scanned images are like photos. Whatever processes required to deal with normal documents can’t be applied to this scanned images.

As several images are required to be scanned every day with very high efficiency rate, that’s why outsourcing OCR jobs becomes very much essential.

In an OCR outsourcing company, both OCR software and human operators do the image scanning & conversion work in combine. If during the image scanning process, any errors are overlooked by the OCR software, then the human operator manually corrects the error. This makes the accuracy level up to 100%. All these outsourcing job can be done in a reasonable price.

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