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Monday, April 30, 2012

Global Associates can deal with huge volume of data processing projects for data conversion, data extraction, data cleansing and data mining.

Global Associates, a demon service provider among all the companies involved in data processing in India.

Under the guidance of noble management professionals, Global Associates offers a wide array of outsourcing and offshore back office services across a multitude of fields like data processing, document processing, formprocessing, payroll processing, catalog processing, check processing, credit card processing, purchase/sales order processing, medical record processing, transaction processing, word processing, image processing, insurance claim processing, mortgage processing, survey processing etc.

Global Associates has extensive geographic spread serving major international markets throughout the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, Indonesia, Asia etc for a decade achieving long-standing reputation for superiority and quality.   

Global Associates maintains a systemic & standardized process through which any form of data is converted, processed and organized to transfer it to significant information. We can deliver the output in any format like Microsoft Word (*.doc), Microsoft Access (*.mdb), Microsoft Excel (*.xls), Database (*.dbf), Adobe Portable Document Format (*.pdf), HTML, XML etc.

Leveraging over 10+ years of experience, Global Associates can deal with huge volume of data processing projects for data conversion, data extraction, data cleansing and data mining.  

With high quality IT professional having successful data processing track records & excellent communication skills, offshore data processing centers well equipped with latest tools and technologies, high tech infrastructure, latest models of computers running under Windows 98/2000/XP, Windows NT, comprehensive and proactive online support, double pass workflow diagram, Global Associates offers best possible automatic data processing solutions for our global clients maintaining quick turnaround time and quality.  

For a free trial project contact us at www.dataentryhelp.india or send us enquiry at

Data Entry Help Provides HTML Conversion Services with 100% Accuracy

Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) is one of the most widely used document formats since internet revolution. HTML is widely used for creating web documents. HTML is a language for presenting information in which texts, images, sounds or actions become linked in a non-sequential manner. It permits the user to browse through related topics without taking the order of their presentation. HTML is one of the markup languages designed for making web pages. This data conversion service is essential where extremely intricate amorphous data in various bewildered formats need to be prearranged in an organized manner for instant access at any given point of time through the Internet / Intranet.
HTML Conversion

Data Entry Help offers a wide array of html conversion services that includes conversion of data to html, evaluate your HTML opportunities and requirements, implement HTML applications, preserve and update HTML based content.

Data Entry Help can convert hard copy printed paper documents or contents from different proprietary formats like journals, books, brochure, information provided on CDs into HTML format by applying HTML styling/content descriptive tags to the content to be viewed on the web.

Data Entry Help explore and apply new technologies, methods and techniques in markup creation to easily share out your content and enhance the accessibility of your web documents.

Our HTML conversion service is designed to support organizations engaged in improving their Document Management & can help their business to reach out to more customers across the world by delivering your information via the Internet.

We provide the following HTML Conversion Services:
  • PDF to HTML Conversion/HTML to PDF conversion
  • Paper document to HTML conversion
  • Binary to HTML
  • HTML color conversion
  • PSD to html conversion
  • Quark to HTML Conversion
  • Flash to HTML Conversion
  • HTML to adobe acrobat conversion
  • Text to HTML Conversion/HTML to Text Conversion
  • Paper to HTML conversion
  • Ms-Word to HTML conversion
  • HTML to MS word, MS excel and vice versa
  • HTML pages into ASCII text
  • HTML to XML conversion and vice versa
  • HTML to JPEG conversion
  • HTML to GIF conversion
  • HTML to PNG conversion
  • HTML to XHTML conversion
  • HTML to SGML conversion and vice versa
  • ADO to HTML Conversion
  • HTML to RTF conversion/RTF to HTML Conversion
For details, Please visit our official site and for any query email to

Global Associates offer XML Conversion Service with Highest Accuracy

Extensible Markup Language is becoming popular as a new standard for web-publishing format. XML is useful for encoding information and services with meaningful structure and semantics which computers can instantly recognize. XML can transform your data from unstructured format to structured, dynamic, functional format making it more extensible and reusable to be utilized with Web applications.

Global Associates has been successfully accomplished a wide range of XML conversion projects for publishers, banking, Universities, e-commerce, healthcare, Libraries, ITES, Corporations, Government Organizations, legal, marketing and research, manufacturing, publishing, real estate and Technology companies globally. We have knowledgeable team of XML conversion, PDF to XML and HTML to XML conversion. They have good communication skill & more concentration on business development.

Global Associates offers the following XML conversion services:-
  • XML tagging and XML parsing
  • HTML to XML and vice versa
  • Word to XML
  • Excel to XML
  • CSV to XML
  • PDF to XML and vice versa
  • Text to XML
  • SGML to XML
  • XHTML to XML
  • Binary to XML
  • MS Access to XML Conversion
  • RTF to XML Conversion

You will surely get below pointed benefits from Outsourcing XML Conversion Services: We have team of experienced and highly skilled xml data entry professionals who are capable to handle all kinds of data formats and providing you the desire xml data entry solution. We offer you a quality control process so that there can be no single errors in the final xml data entry output. We have advanced security system in order to provide excellent and highest security to your precious data against hacking and crash down. You will save your resources and efforts in to further business productivity. Moreover, you will save minimum 60% operational cost with us.

Global Associates enter xml data in a desired manner with 99.98% accuracy. We accept all kinds of pre-defined data formats such as number, character, money, digits, real number, date, time etc, and providing cost effective, highly accurate xml data entry solution with quality output. We have been providing this prominent quality, cost-effective xml data entry services since many years.

Global Associates announce free xml conversion trial so that you can get more idea about our working process and quality. You will ask for free trial easily by sending email us on or contact us on

Friday, April 27, 2012

Data Entry Help Provides XML to Excel Conversion Services

XML is one of the most commonly used formats along with Json in the internet nowadays. Excel to XML Converter tool helps you to publish your Microsoft Excel workbook data on the web at ease! Effective XLS to XML converter software perfectly and successfully convert whole MS Excel data to xml file. XLS to XML Conversion software takes only few seconds and convert XLS file to xml file instantly.
Convert from XML to Excel

 Features of Excel to XML Conversion Tool:-
  • Easy to use and simple xls to xml conversion tool to convert MS Excel to XML database.
  • Migrate Excel to xml with all MS Excel Worksheet or workbook.
  • Export MS Excel Sheet to XML format.
  • Identifies and transfers auto number field types.
  • Convert selected Excel worksheet or entire *.xls file to .xml.
  • Microsoft Excel to XML database conversion utility completely convert xls database records with password protected MS excel database file.
  • Full install/uninstall support
  • Well improved Graphical User Interface.
 We have been providing Excel to XML conversion services to a large client’s base, for more than 10+ years. A dynamic team of document conversion experts manages a wide-range of convert Excel to XML services with dedication and efficiency.

At our XML Conversion Company, we are committed to serve 99.98% accurate Excel to XML conversion solutions & services to our global clients. You can save 60% or even more by outsourcing your Excel to XML conversion requirements to us.

To make sure that the quality of the converted xls documents meets high standards, we use latest and trusted content analysis and transformation tools. Strict quality control measures and process are in place, managed by highly experienced quality controllers.

For your any enquiry, Please make to and for more details Please Visit:

Outsource PDF to XML Conversion Services with 60% Reducing Conversion Rates in DataEntryHelp

Outsourcing XML Conversion is rapidly growing conversion Company in India offering accurate and quality PDF to XML Conversion services at negotiable conversion rates. We have efficient and professional conversion experts who convert your pdf to xml conversion requirements by using necessary software and technology.

We provide innovative, world class and profitable pdf to xml conversion solution to your organization so you can increase your work efficiency and productivities. Save up to 60% by outsourcing your requirements to us.

Avail FREE TRIAL for to get excellent output and 100% client satisfaction by posting your requirements at

Following are various PDF to XML Services including:

  • PDF to XML
  • PDF to Text
  • PDF to Doc
  • Image to PDF
  • Word to PDF

We are specializing in convert any types of PDF file into XML or online PDF document to XML. We convert PDF files whether it’s from bookmarks, cross-reference links, web links, thumbnails, interactive forms or digital signatures.

Benefits of PDF to XML Conversion Services in DataEntryHelp:

  • Get expertise through years of experience
  • Avail free trail
  • Flexible and affordable price
  • Get great quality and competitive rates in turn around time
  • Fast, accurate and cost effective services
  • Give best output with combination of technology and software
  • Over 17+ years of experience
  • Accuracy level up to 99.998%

We are converting your paper documents in compact file which are easily you can publish on internet. You can get excellent support services for your any types of xml conversion quires or requirements.

Please visit

For more information about PDF to xml or email your pdf to xml conversion requirements at

Outsourcing Data Entry Services at Save 60% on your Cost

Outsource Data Entry to IndiaInformation Technology (IT) Outsourcing Services company offers professional data entry services, data conversion, data processing, Image scanning and indexing and other customized services as per the requirement of the client. Outsource Data Entry Services every organization totally depends upon the various operations that would enhance the productivity of the company affairs. So outsourcing of various jobs having different fields comes into concern for the better procurement of the business and they can focus of their core business.

Global Associates is a leading outsource data entry service provider based in India. We offer Data Entry Services, Offshore Data Entry Services, Data outsourcing, Book Keeping Services, Data Conversion Services, and Data Processing Services as per the requirement of the client.  We operate through an expansive body of able workers that offers top notch services. The company provides similar data entry outsourcing services to all our clients, regardless of the size of the project.

The quantity and the critical constraint of the data entry work, which is required in the business and in office activities the world surplus, became constantly rising in this age of electronics. It can form quantity of the difference concerning the standards of your business whether miniature or large. It gives many advantages him of the competition in the services of the data Entry.

We offer the following Data Entry Services:-

The main advantages of Outsourcing Data Entry Services can be as listed below:
  • Opportunity to get high quality and 99.98% accurate data entry
  • Up to 40-60% lower data entry, data typing and data capture prices than US
  • Fastest TAT on all outsourced data entry projects
  • Access to highly qualified team of data entry operators
  • Use of latest and advance equipments for fast and accurate data entry services Colorado
  • Well equipped and secure data entry centers in India
  • Accepts all formats of data to be entered online offline
  • Options to select desired output format by clients
  • Double keyed data entry solutions
  • Free trail on sample requirements helping clients to check quality services etc

We have strong focus on quality, security and on-time delivery. We ensure you 99.99% accuracy, emphasized speed, prompt turnaround and on-the-dot delivery. Save 60% on your data-entry projects!!

To get more information about our high quality and accurate data entry services visit us at: or E-mail us your requirements at: to get a free quote.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Global Associates is a market leader among all the data entry companies in India

Global Associates is different among all the data entry companies in India due to its commitment for meeting client’s timing and budget expectations which other data entry companies in India can not always maintain.

Global Associates performs a variety of outsourcing services with superior speed and technical accuracy and these services may range from Data base management, BPO non voice processing, back office services, Web data capture and extraction, data conversion, ebook conversion, catalog conversion, HTML conversion, data mining, data processing, PDF processing, form processing, data transcription, data cleansing, OCR clean up, PDF conversion, Medical billing & coding, Medical data entry, Mortgage data process, Internet Research Analysis etc.   

Global Associates has been successfully providing end to end tailor made solution in BPO sectors for about 10+ years and has a prestigious clientele over UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Asia etc.

Global Associates touches nearly varied industry segment that ranges from healthcare, medical, retail, online, legal, mobile, finance, insurance, pharmaceutical, transportation, shares, marketing, educational, corporation, entertainment and more.

Global Associates has a in-house team of well-trained and experienced data entry operators having excellent typing & communication skills and program knowledge. The operators are capable of understanding the patent data and related statics in competent way. Global Associates can also hire people according to the requirement of the project. Global Associates conduct different interviews encompassing to check the knowledge and skills of the data entry professionals. The candidates have to undergo an extensive training with typing test before assigning a project.  

For information please visit us at

Global Associates Offer Comprehensive Excel Data Entry Services at Low Cost

Data entry in excel is a very popular way of keeping records. Data entered in excel can be organized, sorted and charted in an easy manner. Global Associates specializes in customization excel form fields for most efficient data entry and data processing. Our all inclusive excel data entry services is a one stop solution for all your excel data entry services needs.

Global Associates, India has a world class setup to offer you state of art services to complete your excel data entry services projects. We have a fully equipped work space with latest technology and high end tools to provide you high quality and correct results. Our outsourced excel data entry services not only help you save on your operational costs but also offer you remarkable solutions.

We provides manual Excel Data Entry services by creating modified excel sheets on the computer that can compatibly work with simple shortcuts of dragging or copy-pasting of information either in image or numerical form from web pages and specific file types like PDF files, jpg, Jpeg, tiff, tif, and pdf files. These files are basically used for data outsourced from offline sources that are scanned and formatted so that they can be sent by the data service provider to the recipient on behalf of the service buyer.

Data Entry Outsourcing is satisfying several hundred excel data entry clients across the globe. We provide quality excel data entry services in USA, UK, Canada, Australia and other part of the world. Our excel data entry services are available at lowest excel data entry cost.

We provide excel data entry for all industries verticals, some of few excel data entry services are pointed below:
  • Property and mortgage information data entry into excel
  • Telecom forms data entry into excel sheets
  • Excel data entry of patient records
  • Data entry from insurance claim forms into excel
  • Contact details data entry into excel
  • Data entry into excel from paper, documents, scanned images etc.
  • Manual inputting of text, numbers, charts in to excel sheets

Excel data entry experts are those with a dedicated team and knowledge of shortcuts, excel tricks and form creation knowledge that helps optimize the manual data entry labor several times in comparison to the dunce approach a professional person would do.

Global Associates do excel data entry by taking inputs from various kinds of files. The quality level is maintained at 99.95 % - 99.999% by doing double data entry or triple data entry respectively.

Contact us or send us email to outsource excel data entry requirements or directly fill free quote at

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Data Entry Help Provides OCR / ICR Projects with Innovative Techniques

DataEntryHelp provides excellent OCR services and ICR services that your business can improve upon. We offer valuable OCR solutions by combining the best of business practices and innovative techniques.

OCR / ICR Services
OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is a technique that involves translating images of typed text into machine readable text. It also involves converting images or pictures into a standard format like ACII or Unicode that can be easily identified by computers. By using an OCR system, we are able to feed a complete book or magazine, which can be converted into a computer understandable file and can be further edited using a word processor.

The underlying technology of OCR has improved significantly over the last couple of years. In case of valuable information recovery OCR plays a considerable role. When it comes to delivering quality OCR services, we have consistently strived to offer you the best by using the complete potential of this innovative technology.

ICR services
We have the expertise in offering Intelligent Character Reading (ICR) services at very competitive prices. ICR services deals with the conversion of handwritten text as well as numbers into machine understandable strings or documents. By using ICR technology we can offer solutions to convert any handwritten report into PDF format or word document format. ICR permits data capturing through software tools that can read information from a variety of documents.

We offer you OCR services that can benefit from a wide range of techniques like making data entry faster, more accurate and efficient than ever before. This is much faster than even data entry done through keystroke. OCR offers a better alternative to keyboarding or manual data entry. No matter what be your business aim or requirement, our expertise in the field of OCR services can fetch you faster results at a lower cost.

The various kinds of OCR resources used in data entry includes the following:
  • OCR for typewritten text
  • Handwritten or printed text
  • OCR for cursive text
  • Research areas
Outsource your OCR services and ICR services to us and get reliable results that your business can depend upon. To know more contact us today and get the best of services at affordable prices.

For details please contact and to know more regarding our company please visit

Global Associates, kolkata based offshore firm offers customized solution in the field of Information Technology and Data Management.

Global Associates is one of the leading data entry service providers Kolkata, India having specialization in the field of Information Technology and Data Management.

Being one of the noted data entry service providers Kolkata, Global Associates make its position ahead from the other data entry service providers Kolkata, honoring commitments to meet up the clients’ expectations and set up long-standing business relationships.

With 10+ years of industry experience and 50+ work forces, Global Associates has completed different projects of different types that may range from online, healthcare, telecom, medical, legal and financial etc.   

Under the expert guidance of Mr. Biswaroop Todi, a notable business management professional, Global Associates provides complete IT solution under one roof and expanded its business from domestic market to international market like USA, UK, Europe, Australia etc.

Motto of Global Associates is to obtain the highest position in the high growth industry of Information Technology business adhering to total commitments to quality by constantly delivering a top-notch customer services and to be present as a fully service oriented integration and application development company.

Global Associates provides the following IT enabled and back office services :-

Online (Online Catalog Data Entry, Online data entry in web applications, Online data capture and data collection from internet resources, Online image data entry in all formats, Data entry from e-books, Online business cards data entry, Online copy and paste, Online data editing and sorting, Online mailing list entry, Strategic Online Data Entry, Online Data Entry from hardcopy/printed material into MS Office, Online data entry in databases) & offline data entry (Mobile application Data Entry, Telephone Bill Data Entry, Electricity bill Data Entry, Application Form Data Entry, Insurance Claim Form Data Entry, Survey Form Data Entry, Market Research Reports Data Entry, Voter ID Data Entry, PAN Card Data Entry, Legal Data Entry, Ration Card, Census Data Entry, Image Data Entry), Document/Data Conversion Services [any format] Scanning, Digitalization & Image Conversion Services [Keying/ cropping /storage & Retrieval & E – Books preparation], Data Entry Services Keying from paper based documents, Forms Processing – Insurance Claim, Medical, Online forms, etc, Web Research & Database Development [both online & offline], Data Transcription, Data Mining, Data Checking, Data validation, Order processing, Business Transaction/Payroll Processing HTML & XML Conversion etc.

Global Associates, offshore based indian company delivers streamlined Business Process Outsourcing solution in back office and IT enabled services.

Dataentry help is a professional Data Entry India company and a data entry india & data processing india division of Global Associates. We offer streamlined Business Process Outsourcing solution in back office and IT enabled services.

Global Associates has been providing cost effective data entry services maintaining consistency in quality for more than 10 years. Global Associates emerges out as a leading services provider in the data entry india services industry and expands its services toward several International clients from USA, UK, Canada and Australia.

Data entry help, a data entry india division of Global Associates, offers an extensive range of  data entry solutions that range from online & offline data entry (image data entry, book data entry, patient records data entry, coupons data entry, hand written text data entry, receipt data entry, bill data entry, directory data entry, remote desktop data entry), single key & double key data entry, data indexing, data capturing from web, data extraction, data processing (forms processing, insurance claim processing, rebate processing, (eCatalog) electronic catalog processing, information processing, transaction processing, resumes processing), data input, data digitization, data mining, data cleansing, data validation, data conversion, HTML conversion, product data entry (eCommerce Solution) catalog processing, adobe PDF conversion, OCR-scanning, conversion & indexing, web research, online form processing, product data entry, promotional items data entry, Image entry & processing etc.

Global Associates has made its position to highest peak in BPO sector through its experienced team of data entry operators and professionals, skilled quality divisions, augmented bandwidth, faster scanners and data processors, state of the art infrastructure, advanced data entry tools & software, high standard data transfer method, round-the-clock business days & cycle time, flexible working hours, regular reporting and a portfolio of more than 150+ clients in different industries such as Finance, Accounting, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, educational institutes, Insurance, Banking, Travel, law firms, E-Commerce sites and Retail.   

For more information visit us at

Effective Link Building Increase Your Website Rank and Traffic

Back linking strategy is one of the most important tools to employ when marketing a new website idea.  Website cannot survive on content alone in the giant ocean that is the internet. Link building is the useful method for a website for ranking high on Search Engine Result Page of a search engine to increase in relevant website traffic and to return a visitors and good ROI.

Backlink Building ServicesLinks are advantageous because search engines view links along with other data, in order to access the value of a website while ranking it. Therefore, developing and creating links is beneficial for both new and set-up websites and to increase the standing with search engines, one should consider the following options of link building- Submit Website On Search Engine Directory, Comments on other Blogs, Write Guest Posts, Association with Social Bookmarks, Links in Blog roll and Marketing your Articles.

Link building also increases the PR (page ranks) of the websites. The page ranks are increased with the help of search engine optimization plans because page rank is directly associated with the search engines. The link building can also boost up the page ranks of the websites on different search engines so your websites will be picked first by the search engines. The page rank development is important but most of the search engine optimization strategies and plans give sluggish improvement that’s why the link building can be used for the faster and active growth of your websites.

Link building services are one of the most important methods under Search Engine Optimization or SEO. As a business or website owner, always keep in mind that these services are very important to succeed on the Internet industry. Before understanding the benefits of using link building, you must first understand why it is needed.

We will build links to your site is by submitting to general and niche SEO friendly directories. Directories are a great way to build link popularity and there are many good ones we submit to including DMOZ Directory, Best of the web, and Topical Beach Web Directory. Submitting your site to these and other high quality directories will work towards building strong link popularity and moving your site to the top!

Our team of experts can design a link building strategy that continuously leverages innovative ways to ensure unique, high-quality, permanent, and effective backlinks to our customers' websites which are valuable in major search engines like Google, msn, yahoo, alt vista etc.

Global Associates offers you free sample work, to understand our quality work and trust us. Please feel free to contact us about backlinking building services, work at

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Data Entry Help Provides Data Cleansing Services as per Your Requirements

From all business centers to corporate office, data is vital for decision making, and business insights. Data in any format should be accurate, clean, integral, correct, complete and consistent for sales, marketing and customer management strategy to increase the return on investment (ROI). Poor and inaccurate data may damage the accomplishment of marketing campaign and lead to increase of internal cost.
Data Cleansing Services

The market lacks well-organized methods of preparing data. Data cleansing outsourcing is becoming popular in present market as many companies are now outsourcing their data cleansing services to offshore companies like India to get absolutely structured and well arranged data in compatible prices.

Data Cleansing or Data scrubbing is a rigorous process to comprehend the inaccurate data from a set of single or multiple set of records or database while preparing for data entry or data processing and amend the errors to make sure that the data being used is accurate, correct, consistent and useful.

Data Entry Help is one stop solution for all kinds of data cleansing services. Data Entry Help offers an effectual, high-quality solution based on best practices, robust standard, automated procedures and set of rule to deal with huge volume of data efficiently for all your data cleansing services.

Data Entry Help provides multiple data cleansing services that range from Data Validation, Data Verification, Data Formatting, Data De-Duplication, Data Updation, Data auditing, Data classification, Data organization, Data Updation and Checking for inaccurate records or data, Checking for typos or spelling errors, Checking for obsolete records or data, Checking for incomplete records or data error correction, Postal Address File (PAF) validation / verification, Detecting corrupted records, Replacing inaccurate records, correcting values in a list of entities, check mailing lists, contact emails, address verification and validation of zip codes.

Data Entry Help offers following services apart from other companies:-

  • Deal with and clean both Consumer and Business data maintaining highest standards
  • All the data are kept with the standard industry database/mailing list file formats
  • Maintaining a highly accurate and auditable database comprising business-critical information
  • Organize an expert-led training program before undertaking the assignment from client
  • Documenting all suppositions and queries with an extremely specialized unit comprising of data cleansing, and quality assurance analysts.
  • Multiple formats including Microsoft® Excel and Word, and Adobe®PDF are supported and converted
  • Data cleansing interpretations and assumptions are drafted in individual consultations and codified in a set of processing guidelines to work accordingly as per client standards and specifications.
  • Recognize typos in email addresses and provide automated corrections
  • After the completion of data-cleansing job, a detailed quality check is performed by giving a thorough attention to each stage of the process with a team of experienced personnel & experienced auditor detailed.

For any enquires, please contact and for details, please visit

Why should outsourcing XML conversion services to DataEntryHelp?

XML (Extensive Mark-up Language) is a cross-platform web-publishing format used to display and store information on the internet. The advantages of XML over other web-publishing formats include its flexibility, scalability, versatility and validation ability. Transforming existing web publishing formats to XML has been one of the most prolific tasks organizations perform, apparently due to the various advantages provided by the XML format.

DataEntryHelp is the best place to get your XML conversion projects done. Through years of experience we have gained expertise with the conversion of both hard copy documents and electronic formats into XML. We have completed a variety of XML conversion projects for several global customers.

At DataEntryHelp, we have a team of experienced professionals who use the latest content analysis and transformation tools to serve precise XML conversion services at lesser costs; the least in the entire outsourcing industry. We accept projects in all XML versions like DTD (Document Type Definition) and XSD (XML Schema Definition). The XML conversion projects are constantly monitored by our quality control team to guarantee accuracy near to 100%.
We can convert documents from almost all known electronic formats to XML. Some of the formats which we can convert to XML are:

In case you want to automate the process of XML conversion, we can provide software packages which can convert any existing electronic formats to XML. This software can be customized to suit an organization’s internal requirement. Our experts will study your organization setup and suggest the most convenient platform for implementing this software. Subsequent to installation, we will also provide a routine maintenance check for the software depending on the regularity of your convenience.

Benefits of outsourcing XML conversion services to DataEntryHelp:
  • XML, which is known to be the most cost-effective medium to publish documents on the internet can reduce your storage space requirement immensely
  • State-of-the-art XML conversion technology
  • Cost-effective XML conversion services
  • Petite delivery timeframes
  • Assured output accuracy of 99%
  • Multiple options for data upload and download
For more information please visit our website :

Need for Outsource Ecommerce Product Data Entry Services

E-Commerce data entry outsourcing is an omnipresent business, which is the lifeline of any online shopping store. Without any readily usable data, it is simply impracticable to go for rich profit gains by any small or big organization. A resourceful and updated data gives all the background support for maintenance the business in line.
Outsource Ecommerce Product Data Entry Services 
Now-a-days eCommerce business is becoming very popular among all countries. In an eCommerce business a merchant can catalog his products and services in an in an electronic format on eCommerce Store systematically. So the importance of eCommerce product data entry starts from here.

E-Commerce data entry outsourcing is simply the outsourcing of data entry job to third party for getting the job done in a fast and an affordable manner. It is the ideal way to get your major data converted into digital format that can be used for easy peruse by your clients. By outsourcingthe data entry work to third party, the company ensures high level of productivity in their core area of operation and this brings extremely high level of efficiency.

Our wide range of E-commerce applications can be summed up as follow:-
  • Research and gather specification of a product details from various source files (PDF, Manufacture Website, Catalogs, Books, and Excel etc)
  • Making perfect templates format regarding E-Commerce / online store
  • The templates will be arranged in the following field formats like product name, Product descriptions, Finishes, Color options, Product Dimensions, Product Features etc
  • Adding, processing or resizing product images.

Global Associates, a leading offshore firm, has been successfully providing excellent eCommerce solution with eCommerce Product Data Entry services as well as catalog processing, product entry to maintain and update the content of online eCommerce stores on all eCommerce interfaces.

Global Associates has a professional team comprising of experienced & talented people who have in-depth knowledge on database and product line to make the online business reach your peak. Our team, building, maintaining and updating catalogs on e-commerce/online stores is a continuous process that involves keeping perfect templates, adding new products, revising prices periodically, deleting old models, processing basic images by cleaning up if required, cropping images, adding a uniform background color, and border of image.

Global Associates offers you free sample work, to understand our quality work and trust us. Please feel free to contact us about e-Commerce/ Online product entry and online store maintenance, work at