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Monday, April 9, 2012

Outsource PDF to DOC Conversion

PDFto doc conversion (editable Word document) is a process in which any paper based documents or electronic document like Microsoft word files, Rtf files, html files etc. are converted into compact, searchable PDF files with the utilization of high-tech scanning technology, OCR (optical character reorganization) technology, data processors and Adobe tools.

All business organization deals with huge amount of hard copies which are in continuous need of changes and updating. Often times these documents are required to be converted from file format to another. PDF to doc conversion is useful for every business organization to share and communicate documents electronically among employees and departments to save huge time, resources and money.

Switching paper documents to electronic files is enormously important for the following reasons :-
  • Paper documents are easily lost, misfiled or damaged
  • Searching through paper documents for information is tedious and time consuming
  • Paper documents are not easily updated

OCR (optical character recognizition) for scanned document - OCR technology is utilized to scan the PDF document and recognize each character by its shape to convert the content of the document to editable text. A spell checker is integrated to facilitate the recognizition procedure. If the source PDF file contains a wide array of images OCR technology recognizes these images and convert them to editable character. OCR technology can also converts multiple files in a batch job.

Formatting in Doc:-
  • PDF fonts that are not obtainable on your computer are automatically matched to the most similar font accessible. 
  • PDF tables are recognized and converted to editable DOC tables
  • Each DOC paragraph includes easily editable flowing text
  • Identify bullet lists and characterizes them as bullet lists in DOC for easy editing.
  • PDF links are protected in the DOC. To pursue a link in DOC, hold down the Ctrl button and click the link.
  • Internal links are links to another page in a PDF. These links are preserved in DOC format.
  • Forms in PDF are recognized and presented in the DOC with appropriate constructions.

Global Associates specialized in PDF to word document conversion and vice versa services to generate superior quality content conversion in both PDF or word format.

While conversion is in progress we maintain formatting parameters similar to indentations, paragraphs, margin, page numbers, text labels, graphics, tables, flow of columns, headings, quotes, footnotes/endnotes, tables, equations, special characters, cross-reference and citations. In this way the look and feel of the original PDF document is preserved to be utilized with other files.

After the conversion to word is completed, PDF text can be edited for repurposing, normalizing your documents which can be republished and shared with other organizations. Global Associates utilizes advanced and sophisticated conversion software to electronically convert PDF file to doc format for creating searchable PDF files.

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  1. What I use for converting PDF to Word is Smart PDF Converter. Since I got this, I've been using it very often. It takes me just a couple of clicks to perform a conversion.