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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Global Associates offer Offline data entry services with high technology like OCR, ICR

Offline data entry service refers to the process of keying the set of raw data on a wide scale to a particular, specific database program or even a word processor for  careful collection, segregation, organization, management and presentation so that the company would retrieve the information properly.

But it is a tedious and time consuming process and companies are outsourcing these non core activities to offshore companies like India so that they can give more concentration to their core activities.
Outsourcing Offline Data Entry Services
Global Associate, a leading offshore data entry service provider, perform high quality and professional offline data entry processing services in a compatible prices.

Global Associates has expertise in entering data from any format or application as well as all types of input sources like database format, hard copies, scanned images, PDF files, Microsoft Office Excel files (*.XLS), Microsoft Office Word files (*.DOC), Microsoft Office Power Point files (*.PPT), HTML Format, Binary, Acrobat Portable Document Format (*.pdf), MS Access(*.mdb), MS SQL Database, ASCII Text Files (*.TXT), Tab Delimited Files (*.TXT), Comma Separated Files (*.CSV).  or all other type such as hand written or printed material and manuscripts.

We offer the following services as part of our offline data entry:-
  • Index Cards Data Entry
  • Data entry from PDF files
  • Forms data entry
  • Vouchers data entry services
  • Offline data mining and processing
  • Offline form filling
  • Offline form processing
  • Catalog Data Entry
  • Tax deeds data entry
  • URL list collection
  • Business contact details collection from various sources
  • Data Entry from Reports
  • Data Entry of Purchase Orders etc
  • Data Entry From Legal Documents
  • Data entry for Birth / Death Records
  • Data Entry From Directories
  • Data Entry from Books
  • Insurance Claims
  • Data entry of Medical records
  • Data entry for Property records 
  • Data entry for financial statements
  • Image data entry (tiff, jpg, png or any other format
  • Checks Data Entry
  • Financial Statement's Data Entry
  • Data entry from Yellow Pages
  • Menu entry for restaurants
  • Data Entry From Survey Forms
  • Invoice Data Entry
  • Product data entry 
 Process of work:-
  • Provided us with your Offline Data Entry requirements.
  • Initially we evaluate the Data Entry requirements and set up the scope of Work, Quality factors required, and offer you an estimated Turn-around time for the project.
  • Choose input source and output of data entry in any format as per your requisites
  • Our process will involve Data Entry project planning, execution and delivery. All these would be approved along with the price for the project.
  • We will accomplish the final dispatch of the Data Entry output or update the Web Based or Remote Systems upon completion of the project.
 We deliver the completed offline data entry projects in the following formats:-
  • Via FTP
  • Through Email
  • Through Online
  • Direct Modem Transfer (i.e.: Telix, Hyper Terminal)
  • Hard drives
 Why Global Associates is different from other offline data entry service providers:-
  • Compatible prices for all kinds offline data entry projects
  • Multi- Sensor data processors
  • Provide delivery within stipulated timeframe & deadline
  • Two Pass Verification or Double Entry Technique to verify any mismatch or error with source data
  • Maintain 100% confidentiality and security for source database
  • Stringent quality checking to recheck the keyed data before making final delivery to clients
  • Fast Internet Connectivity with Super Bandwidth
  • Strong security system for maintain the confidentiality of data 
  • Execute work as per client’s specification

Outsource your offline data entry projects to Global Associates and get free quotes. For more information send us email at

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