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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Digital pens, dictation devices, and mobile phones bring great impact on healthcare organization and remove tedious keyboard data entry process of capturing information for clinical documentation

Now-a-days Electronic Health Record (EHR) system becomes very popular in medical sector as this system is an alternative to tedious keyboard data entry.

In a clinical documentation one has to search through so many drop down menus which is very cumbersome process and requires an excellent keying skill.

Now the doctors can get help from some advanced technologies known shareable ink which allow doctors to apply a digital pen with an in-built  laser camera to scan and gather patient-generated information, which then get turned into text that flows directly into designated fields in an EHR.

The shareable ink is also compatible with iPad app and can also replace check-in kiosks. The patients obtain a clipboard with a preprinted form and a pen containing a camera.

Voice-recognition software like Entrada system is gaining popularity among the physicians as it provides digital dictation system which minimizes the monotonous and time consuming keyboard data entry system. 
An Entrada system empowers a physician to give dictation into a digital recorder applying special voice tags. “After the dictation is completed, a finished text is generated instantly which needs only a quick read and makes a few minor corrections. The generated data then pours directly into the accurate fields in the Electronic Health Record.
Mobile devices also playing a crucial role for physicians with superb transmission quality, network bandwidth and the quality of bidirectional cameras.

AirStrip products are enhancing productivity in an array of specialties, as well as obstetrics and cardiology. This technology aids in delivering babies safely and successfully when a doctor will not be able to present at the bedside physically. The doctor are able to observe the baby’s heart tracing and the mother’s contraction patterns right on a mobile phone. 

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