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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Security (Privacy) Policy for Data Entry Projects and Forms Processing

A stringent security policy is required to protect the privacy and confidentiality of the data or information provided by the client.

Global Associates maintain highly standard in-house security practice and policy to scrutinize, supervise, uphold and organize client’s data as well as loss/damage/mishandling and alteration of data.

Global Associates takes up the following procedures for maintain data security:

  • All information, data submitted by the client will not be disclosed and stringently the belongings of our client.
  • Towards the end of the work, all the pending work together with data on all electronic media is taken into consideration and returned for processing the following day
  • Firewalls and infringement exposure technology
  • Well protected online backup servers
  • Data Storage area is well protected
  • All essential data is stored in protected files and directories in our servers. All system files/directories are write protected from users.
  • Standard & regular backup of data is taken on write-only disks or saved in the system for future reference.
  • Several password protection
  • Severe Non disclosure and Non compete Agreement connecting all personnel
  • The admission of employee will be restricted to their working area together with time restrictions
  • Each personnel contains his own password and restriction is maintained for accessing a given computer/workstation
  • Responsibilities are strictly defined and so there are no overlapping areas for work
  • No personal CDs, DVDs, USB, Bluetooth, Infrared, Notebook are entertained in the office premises
  • No unauthorized person will be allowed to enter into the office premises.
  • Without any written permission nobody is allowed to bring anything in the inside and take anything out of the office.
  • System and administration department will repeatedly scrutinize all outgoing mails and attachments
  • After acceptance of the work by client, all raw and processed data will be destroyed.
  • A Security Manager is assigned to monitor the all security procedures

Document Security
Original source documents delivered by clients, never allocated to any data entry operators and other personnel associated with the project. Initially all documents are scanned with high-speed document scanners. OCR technologies are utilized to capture data from scanned image or being keyed from image. Neither hard copy documents nor images are kept in the office. No document is left unattended in the processing area.

Data Security
The huge volume of our keying and/or text verification is executed from image over a protected private FTP server. All work is accomplished on the central servers. Nothing is kept in the servers. Images, data, and all progression keep on the central servers. Data entry operators will not be able to get access to any hard copy documents, and do not print or download images or data.

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