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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Data Entry Help maintain three level of QC to get 99.99% accuracy in output

Data Entry Help is dedicated to maintain highest quality and standard at every phase of processing. So that we maintain superior quality control system with high technology and infrastructure to get 99.99% accuracy.

After getting the work assignment from client’s end, we carefully scrutinize the instructions, specifications and the other details submitted by the client. Then we formulate the instructions & guidelines for Data Entry Operators to avoid any misunderstanding. After that each operator has to undergo extensive training with sample to make sure that they have understood the specifications properly.

Normally, for every seismic data processing project, we carry out three ranks QC system (Vertical QC system).

  • Processing analyst on 100 % lines of the project will carry out first rank QC himself,
  • Second rank QC will be carried out by project leader for 70 % lines of the project, and
  • Third rank QC will be performed by supervisor for 30 % lines of the project.

The QC group for checking every project which is carried out in the center (Horizontal QC system). The members of QC group should include chief geophysicist, supervisor, and manager of processing center. QC group will be fully responsible for the processing results and their quality at every key processing step such as statics , deconvolution, amplitude processing, velocity analysis, migration and so on. Horizontal QC system should be established based on the vertical QC system.

We always maintain an easy communication system with our clients through a phone, chatting through any IM, Email communication or through net-meetings.

We can deliver the final output files in the output formats as preferred by clients. During this whole procedure data will be kept fully confidential and secured in our server.

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