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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Big Businessman are outsourcing their data entry projects to offshore companies for making a huge money saving

Data Entry Types:

With the advancement of the technology, the amount of data being produced across the industry is rising in a rapid rate. So with the explosion of information both on and offline it is necessary for all the businesses to store and utilize these data in a reasonable and searchable manner to construct better, smarter and more informed business decisions for company’s success and long term feasibility.

There are various kinds of data entry work that can be outsourced to offshore companies like India for saving in time and money.

Create Email Database: Now-a-days internet is considered as a huge source of information. Each and every company is exchanging information through internet. So enhance their online presence is very vital for every company. Now every company create their own email database to advertise their product or services. Data entry outsourcing firms can assist these companies to form a good and related email database.

Custom Bulk Mailing: In order to attract more customer, all the company has to expand their business. More you provide information about your products or services the customer will show more interest. Custom bulk mailing can help you in sending regular and customized information to everyone.

Spreadsheet Data Entry: Here data is entered in a excel database. A cell or worksheet includes numeric value, alphanumeric value and formulas. Many companies are outsourcing spreadsheet Data entry projects as the process is very time consuming and monotonous.

Questionnaire Data Entry: Questionnaire is a elementary item to review the attitude of customer in the direction of your product or service. Questionnaire Data Entry work facilitates you to recognize the information smoothly and take action properly for future progress.

Ecommerce Catalog Creation: With evolution of computer technology the business organizations are moving from general business to E-business to attract more customers and increase displaying & selling of product through online store. In an eCommerce business a merchant can catalog his products and services in an in an electronic format on eCommerce Store systematically. So the importance of eCommerce product data entry starts from here.

Craigslist Posting: Craigslist is a most popular online classified website. Authentic posting on craigslist will result in increasing the sale of products.

Invoice Data Entry: Invoice is a commercial document that contains details of products, services, quantities and prices. It is issued from seller end to buyer to figure out how much money the buyer owes to seller. Now-a-days most business firms outsourcing their invoice data entry projects to offshore companies to convert paper based invoices or bills into an electronic format or digital format.

Sales Order Forms Entry: Processing sales orders can be a time consuming task. By outsourcing this process to an offshore company, business organization can automate the sales force by immediately processing orders faxed in from the field. Not only is turnaround time reduced, but significant data entry savings are realized.

Business Card Data Entry: Business cards are cards bearing business information containing information about a company or individual person  - Person name, Company name, Company affiliation, Addresses, Phone number, Fax number, E-mail addresses, Website. Business owner generally needs business cards data to be converted into digital format. So business card data entry is gaining popularity in different countries.

Survey Data Entry: The Survey System includes interview style data entry, which shows the questions and answer choices on the screen. This simple method means people with little or no training can enter data quickly, efficiently, and accurately. In addition, you can enter or edit data in a spreadsheet format. This format lets you insert and delete records and has a search feature. Outsourcing survey data entry and verification saves time and keeps you focused on results

Payroll Data Entry: Payroll Data entry is required for employee calculation of pay check and tax obligation for each employee, printing and delivering checks and providing management reports, fix-in, remote entry, time and attendance interface, creation of checks with complete earning statements showing current and year-to-date earnings and deductions.

Claims Data Entry: An insurance claim entry  is the actual application for claiming the benefits provided by the respective insurance carrier. A Policyholder must file an insurance claim entry to get the expenses incurred to the hospital or repair shop or any other type of services reimbursed. Insurance claim entry consist of general insurance claims, demographic entry, data entry for medical insurance claims, HCFA 1500/ CMS 1500, UB92, and other complex insurance forms.

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