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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Global Associates utilizes OCR, ICR, OMR, BCR, MICR technology to provide automated form processing services

Forms are broadly utilized in business to preserve records and data for smooth operation of the business. These forms may be in diverse nature as for instance Invoices, Vouchers, Medical Claims, Insurance Papers, Financial and Legal Documents, Purchase Orders, Tax Statements and so on.

Insurance companies, for instance, have to deal with numerous insurance applications and insurance claims, marketing agencies have to handle opinion polls and customer surveys, the educational organizations utilize forms in different kinds of examinations and formalized tests, the banking sectors also utilize forms for issuing credit cards or processing loans to their clients.

In order to maneuver a business smoothly, all the companies prefer to restructure their business procedure for saving manpower and money.

A structured form processing service with streamlined network is necessary for every business organization to process data and incorporate with document management. Forms processing is considered to be a logical next step to a proposed imaging, ERP (enterprise resource planning), or document management solution.

Forms processing is a process through which the data or information is entered into data fields by manually or automatically and captured, verified and saved in a database or into an electronic format. such as ANSI, XML, CSV, PDF. Forms are digitized and saved as images.

With the evolution of technology the automated form processing system is gaining popularity to process high volume of data every day. Automated form processing system can extract and capture data from semi- or unstructured forms, such as invoices or insurance notices.

There are various types of automated software that use various types of recognition methods like optical character recognition (OCR) for machine print, optical mark reading (OMR) for check/mark sense boxes, bar code recognition (BCR) for barcodes, and intelligent character recognition (ICR) for hand print, MICR – Magnetic ink character recognition. OCR programs identify characters printed by a printer, a plotter or a typewriter. ICR programs read documents filled in by hand in block letters (so called handprint recognition).

Under this technology, a batch of completed forms is scanned utilizing a high speed scanner. Then the software analyses the image and splits it into zones which contain text, tables, illustrations, etc. Next, it splits these zones into smaller objects: paragraphs, lines, words, and characters. Once the characters are recognized by the character classifiers, the OCR technology will accumulate them back into words, lines, paragraphs, etc. After the completion of the process, all the data are formatted and validated and saved into a database or exported to searchable text format such as DOC, .XLS, CSV, XML or PDF.
Global Associates, a leading offshore outsourcing service provider, act as your trusted outsource form processing partner. Global Associates offers a wide range of high standard and cost-effective form processing and data entry services among various industries by processing data in the way of capturing, extracting, converting, digitizing, transcribing huge volumes of hardcopy and image-based data from structured or customized forms, faxes and scanned images into electronic formats.

Global Associates employ an extremely methodic and quality driven form processing system with combination of OCR/ICR/BCR/OMR/MICR technologies, manual-encoding techniques, fields validation & verification and manual data entry to provide superior quality work.

Global Associates can also make PDF forms applying Adobe's Lifecycle Designer. These forms can be delivered through email or put on a website.

As part of its form processing outsourcing services, Global Associates offers the following:-

  • Online form processing
  • Hardcopy (Forms) Data Entry
  • Hardcopy to excel data entry
  • Payroll processing
  • Form processing for sales voucher
  • Form processing for questionnaires
  • Market research form
  • Medical Records, Medical Claim Forms, Patient record processing
  • Health claim form processing
  • Insurance Claim Form Processing
  • Legal form processing
  • License form Processing
  • Tax form processing
  • CGI forms
  • Coupon redemption form processing
  • Contact form processing
  • Survey form processing
  • Subscriptions form processing
  • E-mail Forms processing
  • Rental form processing
  • Registration Forms Processing
  • Automobile form processing
  • Rebate form processing
  • Invoice form processing
  • Shipping Documents Processing
  • Product registration Cards Processing
  • Credit card application processing
  • Bankruptcy Form Processing
  • Membership Application Forms processing
  • Immigration Forms processing
  • Mortgage forms data entry
  • ASP, JSP, PHP & HTML forms processing
  • Warranty Cards Processing
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