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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cost effective and safe online data entry services with high tech technology

Over the last decade the awareness for internet was increased at a rapid rate. Each and every second data or information is added to the World Wide Web. So the companies now prefer to do business online and requirement of huge online information is increased day by day.
Outsource Online Data Entry Services

But the business entities necessitate managing this valuable data and information in a structured database with accurate and organized manner to preserve their competitiveness in the global marketplace.  

Outsourcing data entry service online is a great solution to preserve your data in professional way. Online data entry services are extremely useful in all the fields where the data needs to be accumulated, maintained and utilized for future applications.

Online Data Entry cover ups data verification, data entry from paper or image to web or web to web. Data entry online services consist of entering data into websites, e-books, business cards, catalog, entering image in a different format, Data processing and submitting forms, creating database for indexing and mailing for data entered.

Global Associates, a renowned business process outsourcing company, provides complete support and solution for all types of online data entry management and related work by transforming raw data into online electronic format.

Global Associates has successfully completed 1000+ data entry projects from industries like healthcare, research and development, universities, direct marketing firms, publication, e-publishing, news media, insurance companies, real estate, shipping companies, business, legal agencies, educational sectors, financial organization and trade organizations.

Global Associates has widespread its business to USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Austria, New Zealand, Spain, France, Germany, Italy and other parts of the world.

Given below are the causes of success of Global Associates:-

  • Proven track record of working with several leading companies across USA, UK, Australia, Canada etc over two decades
  • Well equipped and advance data entry & conversion software, technologies and state of art infrastructure 
  • Dedicated and well trained online data entry operators, data entry keyers
  • Affordable data entry services and global delivery options
  • 24/7 online support when required by clients
  • Affordable and flexible data entry rates
  • Outstanding internet connectivity
  • Complete an online data entry project cost effectively and within deadline mentioned by client
  • With a protected network, ensures complete data security and confidentiality with 100%
  • Adherence to international standards for all kinds of online data entry project.
  • Availability for no obligation FREE TRIAL OFFER  
  • Flexible pricing on customize data entry, data processing, data conversion
  • Stringent quality control process by performing double verification of data entry for the same source, and resolve any mismatches to accomplish the best quality data entry output.
  • Dedicated supervisor and team leader are always engage to monitor the data entry process
  • Utilization of latest updated anti-virus software to keep the client's data protected and secure
  • Delivery of final output in encrypted FTP upload, CD-R or CD-W or email preventing unauthorized access, copying and downloading & uploading of the files and image  
 We provide the following online data entry services:-
  • Online data entry of product From online or offline Catalogs (Onto web based systems)
  • Online data capture and data collection from internet resources
  • Data entry from hard/soft copy to any online database format
  • Online data entry in web applications
  • Online data entry for e-books and e-magazine publications on the internet
  • Data entry from hospital records, patient notes and accident reports, medical claim forms and online data entry for patient records
  • Online Form Processing & Submission
  • Online data entry and maintenance for online reservation system
  • Online data entry of insurance claim forms 
  • Online data entry of Rebate coupons
  • Online data entry of historical data
  • Online data entry of Cards and Documents into online databases
  • Contact details data entry in any type of online database
  • PDF document indexing
  • Online data capture services
  • Online image data entry in all formats
  • Online order entry and follow up
  • Formation of new databases and updates of existing databases for banks, airlines, government agencies, 
  • Online data entry and maintenance for online reservation system
  • Online data entry for mailing lists / labels
  • Data input for Payroll
  • Online data entry of Restaurant Menus
  • Legal Document's data entry in any type of online database
  • Online Captcha data entry work
  • Online listing of yellow pages
  • Hand written ballots/cards entries
  • Online data entry for hand written documents
  • Online data entry of survey forms
  • Online entry of customer feedback
  • Business card indexing and business cards online data entry
  • Online data entry for product registration cards
  • Online data entry for Shipping documents
  • Subscriptions online data entry
  • Property data updating
  • Online data entry for credit card applications
  • Coupon redemptions online data entry
  • Receipts / bills online data entry
  • Online copying, pasting, editing, sorting and indexing for any type of data

Outsource your online data entry projects to Global Associates and get free quotes. For more information send us email at

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