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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

DataEntryHelp Provides Document Digitizing Services in affordable rate & cost

For successful business operation, proper information management and accumulation plays a vital role. Generally information or data are piled up in the form of paper files or reports over the years. This may result in damaging or loosing of data perpetually.

Document Digitizing Services

Data digitization or Document digitization is a methodology in which data or information are extracted from newspapers, books, paper documents, business cards, periodicals or image files, video, audio, signal (generally an analog signal) and converted into digital formats. We can convert data to versatile formats like Text, HTML, XML, Access, Excel, Word, GIF, JPEG or TIFF, ASCII, RTF or delimited text files. The data can also be delivered in a media file like CDs, Tapes or Zip disks. Data digitization is beneficial for multiple users situated in remote places to look at the same document simultaneously without exposing the valuable originals to wear-and-tear.

DataEntryHelp has been providing high quality and cost effective data digitization outsourcing services for 10+ years to convert all the books, catalogs, newspapers, business cards, manuals and other document from analog format to digital or electronic format. Global Associates can deal with different types data digitization projects for Universities, colleges, museum, research centers, schools, libraries, book publishers and businesses. Our data digitization outsourcing services include business data business data digitization, medical records digitization, land records digitization and data indexing.

DataEntryHelp expertise in conversion of older print books, manuscripts into digital format by utilizing State-of-the-art document scanning methodology and optical character recognition technology.

Types of Digitization:-
  • From paper to electronic formats
  • From audio tapes and VHS to Compact Disks (CDs/DVDs)
  • From Vinyl film to digital media (MP3, MPEGS)
  • From blueprints, maps and diagrams to editable, retrievable, shareable data that can be efficiently manipulated
  • From invoices & applications to intelligent data warehouses making data mining easy

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