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Friday, April 20, 2012

SyTech introduces XLReporter Version 10.0 combining excel reports and forms useful for historians and other business organizations

SyTech Inc., developer of report generation and data analysis software, just launched XLReporter Version 10.0. This newly launched product will mainly focus on data entry management and reporting from text files. 

XLReporter includes data entry component which puts Microsoft Excel into a "design studio" to be utilized for generating data entry forms, database design and linkage of the forms to the databases and no programming is required for that. After then XLReporter legalizes the data and preserve it in a protected, central database to accessible for reports from local or remote client stations. XLReporter consists of notable list of interfaces containing text files facilitating direct reporting from data loggers.

With the help of Data entry component, Interactive Forms XLReporter can perform & provide solution in the excel environment and collect and preserve information with a central database.

After being set up, the user will be able to avail the forms in line with their credentials. Information penetrated in the forms will be saved to the database by means of web services ensuring the reliability of the information and the protection of the database. Interactive Forms is most suitable for the businesses that put data manually, as for instance recordings or laboratory result, merging it with mechanically collected data and producing reports.

XLReporter is compatible with most databases like Microsoft SQL Server and Access.

Analytic calculations are also beneficial for historians. XLReporter is extensively applied with most important historians and SCADA systems by GE Intelligent Platforms, Wonderware, Rockwell Software, Emerson Process Management, and Siemens accompanied by industry standards such as OPC, OPC-HDA, ODBC and OLE-DB.

An evaluation copy of the product is downloadable from

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