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Saturday, April 21, 2012

A unique data processing system to be utilized with weather forecasting in advance

NASA, in combination with NOAA, is going to create the next generation satellite and ground system. It is recognized as the Joint Polar Satellite System (JPSS) and will be utilized to generate superior quality huge volume of environmental data for meteorologists, oceanographers and researchers facilitating them to evaluate and forecast ecological condition in a better way. 

A Data Quality Management (DQM) tool (a module of the JPSS CGS Interface Data Processing System [IDPS])  is also developed in line with JPSS Common Ground System (JPSS CGS) to generate instantaneous data quality assessments of low latency, high quality large data products to NOAA and NWS as of polar-orbiting environmental satellites.

DQM can act as an individual data quality assessment tool that can interpret, process and evaluate data formats generally applied in the environmental and intellect communities.

The quality assessments features of DQM can lead to deal with bulky volume data sets with inadequate resources and control data storage space, reduce the data sets analysis time, get rid of the exchange of data not transmittable to important information.

The quality data originated from JPSS is utilized to progress the correctness and consistency of NOAA's weather and climate predictions in addition to its capability to forecast severe weather days beforehand.

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