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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Data Entry Help Provides OCR / ICR Projects with Innovative Techniques

DataEntryHelp provides excellent OCR services and ICR services that your business can improve upon. We offer valuable OCR solutions by combining the best of business practices and innovative techniques.

OCR / ICR Services
OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is a technique that involves translating images of typed text into machine readable text. It also involves converting images or pictures into a standard format like ACII or Unicode that can be easily identified by computers. By using an OCR system, we are able to feed a complete book or magazine, which can be converted into a computer understandable file and can be further edited using a word processor.

The underlying technology of OCR has improved significantly over the last couple of years. In case of valuable information recovery OCR plays a considerable role. When it comes to delivering quality OCR services, we have consistently strived to offer you the best by using the complete potential of this innovative technology.

ICR services
We have the expertise in offering Intelligent Character Reading (ICR) services at very competitive prices. ICR services deals with the conversion of handwritten text as well as numbers into machine understandable strings or documents. By using ICR technology we can offer solutions to convert any handwritten report into PDF format or word document format. ICR permits data capturing through software tools that can read information from a variety of documents.

We offer you OCR services that can benefit from a wide range of techniques like making data entry faster, more accurate and efficient than ever before. This is much faster than even data entry done through keystroke. OCR offers a better alternative to keyboarding or manual data entry. No matter what be your business aim or requirement, our expertise in the field of OCR services can fetch you faster results at a lower cost.

The various kinds of OCR resources used in data entry includes the following:
  • OCR for typewritten text
  • Handwritten or printed text
  • OCR for cursive text
  • Research areas
Outsource your OCR services and ICR services to us and get reliable results that your business can depend upon. To know more contact us today and get the best of services at affordable prices.

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