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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Online data entry scams and work at home data entry job scams causing harm to legitimate data entry work

Online data entry jobs can bring you a good amount of remuneration if these jobs are legitimate. There are literally thousands of ads out there offering large amounts of money just by executing simple data entry from your PC. But these types of data entry jobs that assure big money are, in fact, the data entry scams. The ratio of scams to legitimate programs is 30:1. The scammers can mislead a customer by publishing advertisements in the following ways:-
  • Get paid to do data entry from home!
  • Do data entry and get paid $20/hr
  • Data Entry Clerks Required! - Earn $20 per hour every day!
  • Data Entry Clerks Wanted Work From Home- $20/hr
  • Part Time Data Entry Job - Make hundreds of pounds per day!
  • Data Entry Work Online
  • Do Data Entry For Cash - Get Rich Working From Home!!
  • Do data entry for cash - click here!
  • Get Paid To Write - Earn $15 every hour writing articles
These types of advertisements on the Internet may lure anybody to join the so-called perfect data entry job site. They will charge anything from $5 - $150 as joining fees and then they just redirect you onto another immoral site (no-doubt also owned by them), or they simply don't provide you any information or project to be accomplished.

If anybody makes careful research, he can easily find legitimate data entry work by eradicating these and other scams.

In a data entry scam programme, one can get the following information:-
  • There will be obsolete information in the site
  • Non-working phone numbers for the data entry companies that pay you.
  • Links redirecting to supplementary sites requesting you to join many more programs to build "real" money.
  • Lack of information regarding members section and monthly fees for "upgraded" memberships
Data Entry Scams May Look Like:

Affiliate Marketing - Sometimes data entry scams are disguised in affiliate marketing business opportunities being improperly classified with deceptive advertising and promotional efforts promising a big income opportunity. This may come in the form like "Fill out a few Google Ads and get paid today!".
Classes, Business Kits, Training, Certification, etc. - Other data entry scams may provide classes, training or certification that will apparently assist you to find a job or necessary to work for it.

Medical Coding & Transcription Jobs - Transcription is a part of data entry. Data entry scams will initiate you to undergo paid training for getting the transcription jobs or provide a fee for a list of employers. There could be tests or administrative costs and applicants are required to proceed for the test. Here everybody or almost everybody does not succeed.

Other types of data entry scams - Many people who lack experience of legitimate data entry work consider the task is as uncomplicated as typing in a few words and money will be transferred into their account smoothly.  After some time, they discover that so much hard is involved to perform the work. 

You find an advertisement announcing that a particular company is requiring some typists.  They suggest you a chance to create an infinite amount of income for basically no work.  You should not have enough experience to execute the job. You just have to provide a non-refundable fee of $20.  The fee consists of a preparatory package containing trainings on how to start with it.  In most cases, you will get the package over email.  Once you download the document, you will be told to take the same ad you just read, copy and paste it onto a few job boards, and wait for another chump to pay you $20 for it.

At last, it's harmless to declare that many data entry programs and services are to charge for advertising themselves with tactics generally utilized by scam artists.  There is not anything related with the quality of their product, yet the way they characterize it and market themselves to the public. 

Some legitimate online data entry job providers :-
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