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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Submit Your Insurance Claim Processing Project to us for fast Execution within Stipulated Time

The entire businesses of the insurance industry go on a system in which the customers spend money at times keeping in mind the condition that they will be compensated as stated by the insurance plan as soon as the requirement will arise or when finally the term of the insurance agreement finishes.

The confirmation of a customer being qualified to acquire the insurance coverage amount as indicated by the terms of the policy he has availed is termed as an "insurance claim". When an insurer raises a claim, the insurance company is liable to authenticate the genuineness of the claim and discharge the insurance coverage amount if the customer is entitled to get the claim. This whole process of verifying the legitimacy of the insurance claim and validating the claimer's eligibility is referred as insurance claim processing.
Outsourcing Insurance Claims Processing
Now-a-days several insurance companies are outsourcing online and offline insurance claim processing and claim data entry services to other insurance companies or to offshore companies like India. Insurance claim processing consists of medical claims processing, electronic claims processing and mortgage claims processing.

Outsourcing insurance claims processing will be beneficial for any insurance company to make its business process more efficient as Insurance claim processing is a monotonous & time consuming process that engages enormous paperwork and human effort to accomplish the job within a stipulated time. This may lead to waste of operational cost and resources.  Besides the insurance companies can provide more concentration on its core competency and make the processing period faster by eliminating unnecessary interruptions.

By outsourcing insurance claim processing work to offshore companies, the insurance companies will get quality output as each and every claim will be checked thoroughly to avoid any inaccuracies in acknowledging or rejecting the claims.

Claims processing engages proper processing of raw data from hand written format of doctors, medical bills and a lot of other similarly connected procedures.

Global Associates, a leading offshore business process outsourcing company, having experience in offshore insurance claims processing for more than 10 years, provides a extensive array of customized solutions for insurance application processing, insurance claims examining, claims processing, verification and validation of claims, customer service process management and payment/check processing. Global Associates can deal with all kinds of mass insurance claim forms data entry projects like to claim and recover the reimbursement or maximum benefits associated with the damage to valuable or costs incurred for hospital treatment from respective insurance companies.

Global Associates can handle different types of claims data entry and processing as well as health insurance, home insurance, car insurance, loss insurance, and extended warranties Outsource insurance claims processing and insurance claim data entry project to Global Associates to transform the paper based insurance claim forms into an digital or electronic format as per requirement of client. We ensure to monitor each and every phase of claim processing so that the client receive the precise data to inspect, investigate the case and make a decision on the feasibility of the claim made.

Why choose Global Associates for your trusted insurance claims processing outsourcing partner:-
  • Provide great assistance for planning, developing, migrating and optimizing insurance claims processes. 
  • Swiftly process on claims and discharge of insurance claims.
  • Guarantee for accuracy, timeliness, and security in the Insurance and its claims processing services
  • A group of trained and experienced operators and technicians having a methodical understanding of medical claim forms and Information Technology
  • Security and confidentiality of customer data and document
  • Integration with advanced technologies and in-house expertise
  • Get rid of errors & Improve efficiency.
  • Double data entry field validation and re-key verification to ensure conditional/grammatical accuracy 
  • Automate generation and archival process.
  • Application of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) capabilities to ensure 99.99% accuracy rates and productivity 
  • Real-time status reporting over the Internet.
  • Scalable 365 and 24 X 7 global operations.
  • Client defined output formats received and return delivered through dedicated T1, VPN (Virtual Private Network) or secured FTP (File Transfer Protocol) sites or digital media.
As part of our insurance claims processing and data entry, we offer the following services:-
  • Insurance claim forms processing (HCFA 1500 / CMS 1500, UB92/UB04, Dental Claims) 
  • Mortgage insurance claim
  • Medical insurance claim 
  • Medi-Claim
  • Life insurance claim
  • Automobile Insurance claim
  • Accidental Insurance claim
  • Dismemberment claim forms
  • Home Insurance claim
  • Critical illness claim forms 
  • Disability claim forms
  • General insurance claim form
  • Critical illness claim forms
  • Hospitalization claim forms
  • Dismemberment claim forms
  • Death claim forms

Outsource your insurance claims processing projects to Global Associates and get free quotes. For more information send us email at

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