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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Types of Data Processing System

Dataprocessing system involves various data processing applications. Data processing system are classified into three major categories:
Systems in which processing is performed periodically
This type for system is designated for dealing with identical type bulky amount of data. Here the data is being possessed in batches in once. The data is stored in the form of files facilitating data standardization. This system can also be termed as ‘file processing systems. e.g. payroll system.

Real-time systems
In real time processing the computer runs with some external procedures. Small amounts of data are processed in one operation. The interruption in processing the data fluctuate within a very short time to a couple of minutes, is suitable to the user of the system. Three types of real time system are recognized with the dissimilarity among them is not very evident. The three types are
  • Process control
  • Information storage and retrieval
  • Transaction processing

Database systems
Database systems apply one store of information to maintain all data processing.  Activities of a particular company, the database is self-regulating of any individual application.
The above mentioned types of systems are further grouped into sub-categories.
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