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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Data Verification & Cleansing – the way

You might have heard of various data entry and data processing services.  Actually data is one of the most important resources of any company, especially for the consulting agencies which are growing in numbers continuously. But getting the correct data is one of the difficult tasks as you do not know anything or know very little about the credibility of the source of the data. So it is important to get the correct data for your needs from a professional agency.

I have a data entry agency and I have started exactly that business in my agency – data verification and cleansing.  It is simply impossible for you to always check the authenticity of the data sources and the quality of data before using it due to two reasons – your core business is something else and you have to use a huge data. But by using the data without confirming the quality often results in worse than anything – it causes you losing the credibility in market as you always get faulty results. It may also create a setback for you.

Data Verification Service ensures that you will always use the correct data as it does a thorough checks of the source and the data to see how they match in practice. Once we receive data related to any sector, first we verify the data sources to see are they reliable as data source by their process of collection and past records. Even if we find the source is reliable, we go for thorough verification of the data on our own. We use internet search, telephone, email, direct survey ( in some cases) and various other ways to ascertain the quality.  Then we start cleansing the data those found faulty.  


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