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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

PDF to Doc Book Conversion Project

Now a days Book conversion has become an important process to convert a scanned (i.e. non editable) data from one format to another format (editable) for further modification of any book. This idea has already influenced writers, novelist and many publishing houses.

We, the Global Associates recently worked on a same kind of project i.e. conversion of an engineering book (a PDF format) into editable MS Doc format. We started this project in December, 2011 and completed it on January, 2012. Basically it was an engineering book on plant maintenance. We have worked for 2 months (6 days in a week) in a single day shift of 8 hours. The software’s which we used were ABBYY Fine Reader & Adobe Photoshop.
The books includes index pages, abbreviation pages, pages including programs, diagrams, flow-charts, formulas, tables, engineering drawings, images with normal text pages and cover and ending pages.
The total team was divided into three parts. Initial stage was OCR (Optical Character Recognition) team who were working in ABBYY Fine Reader software to convert the text to an editable document and save it in MS doc format. Second stage was matching the doc file with PDF (it includes formatting & spells check also). Final stage was QC (quality checking) including three sub stages i.e. one entire quality check stage and two review stages.
The complex tables, charts and index pages were the real challenges which carried high possibility of errors. But our experienced team meets the criteria with utmost care.
The overall experience which we earned from this project is very satisfying as we have delivered our project before the deadline with an accuracy of 99.4% which is beyond the expectations of our client. Our client’s positive feedback has really encouraged us to perform much better and enhance our accuracy level to 100% in the future projects.
Global Associates is looking for industrial companies or institutions who want to execute these kinds of projects. This will be providing you the technology you want with great accuracy and high confidentiality.

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