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Friday, February 24, 2012

Revolution in Digitization; every fraction of the industry is a part of it:

Digitization is a process of converting manual data (handwritten, typed, scanned) into a computerized digital format (e.g. MS Word, Excel etc.). Presently it becomes a need of a company, organization or an individual to store there data into a digitized format. But before few decades, we were not familiar of doing this. That time we had to use pen-paper or a typewriter to write any information whether it’s personal or official. But rapid revolution of computer technology solved this problem so well by teaching us the lesson of digitization.
Presently the majority follows computerized record keeping methods but still the companies are having huge old records in there manual file, and want to compact it in a digitized form. So that they need not to search here and there in their storage room and can access those records easily when ever they want.
Digitization will benefit you in several ways. They are as follows:
  • Easy Access: you can carry or access those data from anywhere throughout the globe for your meetings, conferences, can give presentation by using this.
  • Less time consuming Data Management: You can easily add, delete, modify and filter your data in less time.
  • Wider access: easy spread or distribution of information tom any branch office or client office.
  • Long term preservation: no stress of file damage or lost of data
  • Paperless office: Negligible storage place requirement; can save your office space.
Nowadays Digitization is accepted by every big or small part of the industry. A company or an organization can digitize invoices, delivery reports, deeds, records, client details, medical histories, contract papers, contact information, certificates and many more. A writer, novelist or a poet can digitize their creation and can publish it to the world, a publication house can digitize his old collection and can publish in the form of e-books after necessary modifications, and lastly an individual can also digitize his treasure for say pictures creations etc. and make it everlasting.
If people start data digitization for their company, soon they will get diverted from their main focus and will not be able to generate maximum output. Being a tedious and time consuming job for any employee companies are showing interest to outsource their data digitization jobs to offshore countries.
India has proven herself a good option in outsource business for having well experienced employees at lower labor cost and generating maximum quality output compare to other competitive. We, the Global Associates, a Kolkata based Indian company is not different form this context. We are also giving quality contribution to the world of digitization.

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