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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Data Conversion Services for Business

Data conversion Services in general terms means the conversion of PC data from one format to another reliable format. Data conversion plays a vital role especially in upgrading a new version of programs into the computer.

Primary goal of the data conversion is to maintain the set of data and to embed the information as much as possible. This can be achieved if target format supports similar features and data structures that are present in the source file. Else it would lead to loss of information during conversion from one to another format.

We, at Data Entry Help company understand how essential it is for your company to have all your data stored in formats that are compatible with the systems you use because it is the only way to safeguard it and ensure that it delivers optimum results and that is what we are committed to achieving. We at Data Entry Help are set directly focusing on providing financially health data conversion services.

We can convert your data in a variety of formats like excel worksheets, FoxPro, Dbase, and text files. We do data entry with high degree of accuracy and speed. Following are few services that are covered under data conversion:

- Conversion of data across various databases on different platforms
- Data Conversion via Input/Output for almost any media
- Data Conversion for databases, word processors, spreadsheets, and many other standard and custom-made software packages as per requirement
- Text to PDF and PDF to MS Word conversion (PDF to DOC Conversion)
- Ms-Word to Adobe Acrobat Conversion
- Conversion from Word to HTML format
- Conversion from Text to Word to HTML and Adobe Acrobat
- XML/SGML Conversion
- Book conversion from paper copy into e-book, e-brochures, e-Zines, e-Journals, e-Research Papers

Benefits from Outsourcing Data Conversion Services - avoids paper work, cuts down operating expenses, promotes business as effectively as possible, eliminates data redundancy and easy accessibility of data at any time.

Data conversion is 100% of our business, and we give it our full attention.  We do not dilute our focus on conversions by trying to do everything.

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