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Monday, November 14, 2011

Save your time and money by converting PDF file to Excel format

PDFs are difficult to edit and require advanced tools. In order to make the PDF file readable it is required to convert the PDF file to Microsoft Excel(.xls or xlsx)or Word(.doc) format.

After conversion spreadsheet data can be utilized for making graphs, charts, or tables in other applications. It is recommended that the Professional version of Adobe Acrobat should be used when converting to Excel file as the Adobe Acrobat Reader software does not change the document format.

In order to transfer the PDF file to Excel, the user must save it as a text document. At first open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat Pro. Choose file menu and select the "Save As" option and save the document in " txt" format. The ".txt" file type is easier to operate in Excel as a text file does not contain the hidden formatting. Once the document is saved as a .txt file, the file can be opened in Excel without any difficulty. The document should be reformatted to ensure that all the numbers are kept in the proper column in excel. Excel includes tools that will arrange the data into proper columns. In this case the user will have to choose the column that includes data, then go through the “Data” command and select Text to Column option.

The excel contains common denominator that will segregate numbers from each other. Excel comes up with two options - one is delimited that search for commas or tabs and second is fixed that search for spaces between the data in the column. The user has to select the proper alternatives according to the requirements.

The user has to maintain the spaces in the first and the second row. If the second row contains an evocative words than the first row, there will be difficulties to arrange the numbers in the proper columns. Once the steps are followed with the Text to Column wizard, the data should be lined up properly. The layout, tables and graphs of the original excel sheet are preserved into the PDF format.

There are several softwares like PDF Creator, Adobe Acrobat Standard 9 or Adobe Acrobat Professional 9, PDF Converter Pro 6.0, Nitro PDF Professional, Adobe Acrobat Professional 9 [Mac], MyPDF Maker, Able2Extract Professional 5.0 PDF Converter Software, Sonic PDF Creator 2.0 PDF Writer Software etc. available in the market to convert excel file to PDF version. 

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