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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Key Benefits of Outsourcing Data Entry Services to India

Data entry Help services involve entering data from an image of paper to another. As this is the time of a big revolution in IT Sector, Data entry Help services is a vital task in getting information on finger tips in a short time span. It has obtained a unique platform in this internet driven, fastest growing and competitive business world.

Outsourcing Data Entry works saves loads of time by outsourcing projects to India, the cost is low and hence the companies in UK, USA, Australia & world-wide benefit by offloading their work to full time dedicated operators in India without having to worry about increase in costs.

In past time it makes high cost to outsource your data entry requirements as there are not many resources available. Small organizations can’t afford that but after revolution in BPO industry, today there are millions of resources available that provide cost effective solutions for data entry.

Key Benefits of Outsourcing Data Entry Services in India-

Save time with skilled workforce: Our team of data management executives is well-trained and highly experienced. We also have a sizeable team in place and can turn around large volumes of work within short turnaround time without compromising on quality.
Get high quality output: We pride ourselves on turning around work with 100% accuracy for all the data management projects that we undertake. All outputs are first validated by computer and then manually rechecked. Our team uses double double-monitors which increases speed and reduces errors.
Reduce operation costs: Save more than 60% of the cost of getting data entry projects done in-house. Save cost on infrastructure and set-up. Data entry work typically needs a large work force and large office spaces. Outsourcing data management services offshore will free up real estate for critical processes that you need to conduct in-house.
Be sure of data security: Right from strict recruitment to signing an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement), we make sure that your data is securing every step of the way.

If you are planning to outsource your data conversion task to a cost-effective and reliable data entry service provider, make sure that the provider is consistent in quality, productivity and customer service operations. Automating any business by conversion services definitely increases the productivity of that company.

Data Entry Help Services offers Data entry services and solutions at affordable rates. Please get back to us for more information on Data entry services; please feel free to contact us on or visit our website for more details.


  1. I am also into data entry outsourcing. There are lots of possible benefits it could give you. First, since it is a very simple task, you could hire someone who's over-qualified to do the job. Second, that someone (if he's from a lower income country), could be happy on an average pay of $3 an hour. And third, with so much available time in your hands, you could do lots of things like managing your business. So, it is possible to have a great output on a lesser cost.
    One tip I could share with you is create a virtual workspace for your employee. Don’t waste money on brick and mortar if you don’t need to. Use virtual work space software that allows you to communicate efficiently and provides accountability. Here is an article with suggestions on a virtual workspace.

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