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Monday, November 7, 2011

Insurance Claims and Medical Claims Processing Outsourcing

Data Entry Help has been a pioneer in the claims process outsourcing arena, with proven, demonstrable experience in Insurance Claims Processing services. Insurance Claims Processing offers exclusive quality service solution in the filed of all kind of insurance, any type of claims like Medical Claims, Mortgage Claims and other general claims processing work on behalf of our valuable clients for better progressive services. In the past 5 years, Data Entry Help has processed over 10 million claims.

Outsourcing your medical claims requirements frees you of the hassles involved and lets you shift your attention to patient care. Medical claims processing is important for healthcare service providers in getting paid for the services that they have provided. Data Entry Help acts as your medical claims processor and can help you increase your revenue by handling all the activities involved in medical claims processing.

Outsourcing your medical claims requirements can result in direct cost savings of up to 50%. More than this, the other benefits of outsourcing include-
  • Spend more time in your core activities such as providing medical care
  • Speed up the process of claims filing and processing and increase your revenue
  • Ensure greater accuracy in filing claims – greater your chances of recovering money for the claim filed
  • No need to invest in additional staff – the cost of outsourcing is far less when compared to local staff costs
  • Reduce or completely eliminate administrative overheads

Data Entry Help processes among others, the following types of claims:
- Medical Claims
- Debt management & administration
- Dental Claims
- Miscellaneous
- Enrollment Forms Processing (EFP)
- Vision Forms

Our wide range of customized services for all sort of medical insurance application processing, Insurance Claims Processing and other related services. Our Experts are available for service and support 24/7 and will assist you to get the settlement you are owed by your insurance company.

Should you desire more information about our insurance claims processing outsourcing service, inquire through our contact form.

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