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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Data Entry Help Provide Document Indexing Services

Document Indexing Services at DataEntry Help is one of our expertise sections. We provide best solutions to your document management and information retrieval at a very competitive price. Our Indexing services deal with different documents like:
  • Library Book indexing,
  • Manuals, Journals,
  • Catalogs,
  • Medical records,
  • Legal document indexing etc.

We adopt proven methods or process in indexing, categorization, information retrieval, archiving, and document conversion with our team of experienced professionals.

Documents are digitized and stored. However, the retrieval of documents, based upon key information, is of prime importance to complete the entire Digital Document Management Cycle. Indexing is a technique by which vital information in these documents is captured and entered into a Document Management System or a database of any sort.
Our Document Indexing Services include:
  • Document Scanning
  • Full Text Indexing
  • Data Conversion
  • Document and Information Retrieval
  • Document Archiving
  • Electronic Document Management
  • Categorization

Document Indexing Process:
These vital information fields are captured in Indexing process by the use of any one or all of the methods mentioned below:
  • Zone OCR / Zonal OCR
  • Manual Data Entry
  • Benefits of Indexing

Cost saving in terms of saving the time spent by knowledge workers in searching for information retrieval. They would be spending endless hours searching for paper records, which could be searched within seconds from electronically indexed systems. Indexed information can be easily integrated with existing systems With the help of classification and categorization used in indexing, all related documents can easily be searched.

Our Process will involve Project Planning, Execution and Delivery. All these along with the Price would be agreed upon by you.

Final Dispatch of output data or update on Web Based or Remote Systems will be made.

Please email us to outsource your indexing requirement at  or Contact us. We will get back to you soon with a competitive quotation.

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