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Monday, May 7, 2012

Global Associates offer Data Capture Outsourcing Services with Cost Effective Rates

Data Capture Outsourcing
Data capture is become more important and cost effective using new technology in current scenario. Collecting all data, analysis and processing the data is known as data capturing. Global Associates provide customized data capturing which covers manual data entry, optical character recognition (OCR) and imaging or recording which are needed to convert into a digital form.

Global Associates, an offshore based business process outsourcing firm, is a trusted outsourcing partner for all kinds of data capture services. Global Associates has widespread its business to the leading countries like USA, UK, Australia, South Africa, Canada, France, Spain, Ireland, Denmark, Germany and other Countries.

Global Associates offer online data capture solution for various sectors where our services are used on a regular basis like hospitals, banks, insurance companies, shipping companies, real estate businesses, legal firms and financial firms.

Global Associates also ensure protection and confidentiality for long term protection of your documents. We can execute the following Data Capture Services:
Data Capture Outsourcing
  • Capture web data online
  • Capture data from web directories
  • Capture data from survey forms and Questionnaires
  • Forms data capture - Surveys and Questionnaires/Patient records/Student enrollment form/ Customer application forms
  • Data capture of market report
  • Data capture from legal documents
  • PDF data capture
  • Data capture from competitor website
  • Data capture from microfilms, magnetic tapes and cards
  • Data capture from multiple receipts, vouchers and coupons
  • All kind of medical and legal data capture

Following are the Benefits of Data Capture - speedy processing time irrespective of the volume, lower financial and human resource processing costs, faster processing, quick turnaround of data, secure document handling, ease of project management, better error identification and recovery, better quality, greater accuracy level & typically exceeding 99.5% and process control and online export of data & images.

Our expertise and experience in providing effective customized solutions for online data capture solution. To save 60% cost, outsource corresponding set of document scanning and data capture needs to us which covering drawings, microfilms and photographs. E-mail us at:

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