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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Outsource Data Cleansing Service with 60% Reducing Rates in Global Associates

Data Cleansing Services
Data Cleansing is a rigorous process to comprehend the inaccurate data from a set of single or multiple set of records or database while preparing for data entry or data processing and amend the errors to make sure that the data being used is accurate, correct, consistent and useful.

Global Associates keeping an exact and cleaned database of your business is mandatory to develop the level of the company and introduce the advanced technology as well as it can help us to use the data models for the future? Data cleansing services provides easy answers to keep your data error-free and updated so that you can use it in your business campaigns.

Our data cleansing services deals with data verification and data scrubbing. Data scrubbing, also called data cleansing, is the process of amending or removing data in a database that is incorrect, incomplete, improperly formatted, or duplicated .We at Global Associates offer all kinds of data scrubbing services including removal of duplicate information from the database, adding or deleting of fields in the database, correction of address, changing of upper/lower case name and gender addition or correction.

Global Associates offer all type of Data Cleansing, Data Analysis, Data Scrubbing and Data Enrichment Services. We provide high level of accuracy, timely deliveries, total confidentiality and cost effective Data Cleansing services. We provide following Data Cleansing Outsourcing Services:-
Outsource Data Cleansing Service
  • Data aggregation, organization, and cleansing
  • Detection and Elimination Duplicates in any data
  • Identify and Tag Similar Records
  • Enrichment of data with product attributes images and manufacturer specifications
  • Referential integrity checks
  • Interlink or consolidate multiple data sources
  • Data validation (for example using a post code checker to identify that addresses are correct)
  • Create reusable data quality business rules that are callable through custom exits, message queues and Web services
  • Raw Data to MS-Word Conversion
  • Remove Obsolete Data
  • The removal of spurious and invalid record
  • Identification of missing or incomplete data
  • Page Maker to Adobe PDF Conversion
  • Format conversions
  • Grouping, process tracing

Outsourcing your Data Cleansing and Data Scrubbing services is extremely beneficial since - your databases are thoroughly cleaned and checked for data accuracy, all duplicated and incorrect entries are rectified, multiple data sources are created in order to enable easy access of your data, a variety of data cleansing methods are offered depending on the type of data, all data is dealt in a secure and confidential manner ensuring total privacy and experienced data cleansers ensure delivery ahead of schedule.

Global Associates, India is one of the fastest growing Data Cleansing Services Providers. We are in a business since 10+ years. We are providing Data Cleansing Outsourcing Services to our clients from all over the world. We offer 99.95% quality assurance.

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