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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Image recognition services for smart phones and mobile terminals

NEC Corporation launched image recognition services intended for smart phones and mobile terminals. Image recognition may provide a great help for food to automobile.
In image recognition system the subjects from image are compared to image data registered on the cloud or on mobile terminals.  After a subject is identified, thorough information about that subject is viewed on a mobile device.
The application of this super fast, exceedingly authenticate image recognition system along with an image database facilitates businesses to instantly and effortlessly offer their own customized image recognition applications for smart phones.
As for instance a health care provider could provide services for persons with special dietary requirements. Customers of the service will be able to snap photos of a meal to facilitate in depth information about the meal, together with calories, ingredients and recipes, displayed on their mobile terminal.
Car enthusiasts can also be benefitted as they can snap photos of cars on the street so as to know about an automobile's manufacturer, model and price.
Image recognition services can also be beneficial for increasing sales throughout mobile communications providers, manufacturers, retailers, agricultural use, tourism purposes and more.
Advantages of Image recognition system:
With the utilization of NEC’ high tech technology any image data can be condensed and the calculation amount is minimized for an application to perform on the restricted computing resources of mobile terminals.
Image processing engines and database renewal are presented on the cloud. 
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